DP-Animator: Fire

DP-Animator: Fire

About Program

Being able to make a great fire animation is only one of the great features of DP Animation Maker. However now you have access to this tool in its freeware version DP-Animator: Fire. You can create this animation according to your own needs by altering a number of properties for a unique moving flame. Later on, you can import your fire effect into any of your videos or animations, and it will fit in flawlessly. If used properly, it will look realistic so the viewer will not be able to distinguish whether the fire is recorded or it was added later on.

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How It Works

There are three tabs with which the user you can alter the fire animation.

Drawing tools

The first tab is the “Drawing tools” that consists of some basic self-explanatory drawing tools like brush, pencil, and eraser that are standard tools for nearly all drawing programs.

Basic Properties

The second tab is where your fire animation gets its main parameters. Here you can change the basic properties like the “Flame shape”, “Speed”, and “Brightness” of your animation and several more specific options.

The “stretch” control stretches the texture in a horizontal direction. Higher values should be used on bigger images where the fire is going to be big (such as a forest fire, for example). Generally, this feature should be left somewhere in the middle or near the middle for the sake of a realistic look.

The last two options in this tab are “Color 1” and “Color 2”. The first color is the base color, while the second color is the glow color which gives the animation flare.

Fire geometry

Beside these two tabs there is the third tab which is “Fire geometry”. This tab is responsible for positioning of the fire animation. There are two ways to use it. The first one is to manually position it using the four options to your left (each option has its x and y axis). And the second one, which is easier, is to click and drag the blinking squares on the animation itself, and the position of the fire will change. By doing this you can change fire direction and geometry.

Saving the result

With this set of properties you can design your very own explosion animation and when you are satisfied with the result, you can export it. You can do this in two formats: QuickTime MOV and PNG sequence.

Export to QuickTime MOV

If you select the MOV export format, you will have to set several of options, like the “Width” and ”Height” of your animation, “Animation duration” that is measured in milliseconds (1000 ms = 1 second), and “Frames per second”, an option that sets the final quality of your animations. (Higher values make the animation smoother, but increase the file size.)

Export to PNG sequence

The second option for exporting is PNG format. Here the options are very similar, but you have “Sample duration” and “Number of samples” instead of “Animation duration” and “Frames per second” in MOV format export.